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Photo Gallery: Open Practice 2013

Photo gallery from the open practice just posted. View Gallery It’s going to be a great year #L1C4 #gocards #cardnation via Instagram Reading


Maybe you’re a glutton for punishment or maybe you have been searching everywhere for that picture of Charlie Strong trying out on “the Bachelor”. Either way here are 33 photos form the painful UConn game. All photos taken by Brandon Pry galleryContinue Reading

Photo Gallery: Louisville Football vs. Temple

The Football Cards played almost played a complete game (we will just pretend the first kickoff didn’t happen) and I’ve got the pictures to prove it. Here are some shots of the game as well as some unrequited Chron Mask love and a Bilal and Branch sighting. view the gallery All photos taken by BrandonContinue Reading

Photo Gallery – Keg of Nails Battle 2012

The home football game before Halloween is always one of m favorite games to shoot every year. Besides great game shots you get to see things you don’t see most other games. Things like Jesse Pinkman cheering in the front row, Unitas Santa Claus, Drunk Santa Claus and the #LC14 (his typo not mine) zombie. So here areContinue Reading


It has been a long time since I have done a Photoshop wallpaper. I was playing around with Google Maps and got inspired. My inspiration (madness?) and my six year old daughters sudden fascination with Ant-Man led to the creation of a mutant sized Bridgewater. I like to imagine Godzilla is on the side ofContinue Reading

UNC Football Gallery Sep 2012

35 pictures from the UNC game. I am excited to announce that I will be teaming up with to present photo galleries for future football and basketball games.Continue Reading

2012 Football Schedule

Newest graphic with the 2012 Louisville Football Schedule Continue Reading

Smartphone Wallpapers

I will try and make all my new wallpapers iPhone compatible. here is a link to the gallery they will kept in: Smartphone WallpapersContinue Reading


Nighttime wallpaper for the kick-off of Football season. made with Procreate for the iPadContinue Reading

Twitter Contest: Update

Okay, so I need a little twitter juice and I am willing to shill a little bit to do it. I have too much cool stuff on my wall and I’m going to give a little bit of it away. So the very scientific way I am going to do this, is by randomly giving it toContinue Reading

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