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BET 2013 Wallpapers

I have always tried to make Brackets available for the Tournaments. Here is the 2013 BET edition with Smartphone and Desktop varities. Download below or visit the galleries to grab your favorite. Smartphone Desktop Update: Daily Brackets are here Updated BracketsContinue Reading


It has been a long time since I have done a Photoshop wallpaper. I was playing around with Google Maps and got inspired. My inspiration (madness?) and my six year old daughters sudden fascination with Ant-Man led to the creation of a mutant sized Bridgewater. I like to imagine Godzilla is on the side ofContinue Reading

2012 Football Schedule

Newest graphic with the 2012 Louisville Football Schedule Continue Reading

Smartphone Wallpapers

I will try and make all my new wallpapers iPhone compatible. here is a link to the gallery they will kept in: Smartphone WallpapersContinue Reading


Nighttime wallpaper for the kick-off of Football season. made with Procreate for the iPadContinue Reading

Final Four 2012: Bayou Dunk

The 2nd in a planned series of 3 paintings for the 2012 Final Four. Don’t worry I’m sure that tooth can be reset.Continue Reading

Final Four 2012: Catbird

I will have a series of 3 paintings for the 2012 Final Four. I hope you like the first one, it is more on the neutral side. The next ones will definitely have more of a Cardinal slant.Continue Reading

Frosted Wheat

There was no better way to celebrate the Pitt win then painting one of my all time favorite Cardinals who was honored at halftime of the game.Continue Reading

Short Shorts

Playing Memphis State brings back memories of a time when short shorts were cool. I wanted to make a painting that embraced that retro side of the rivalry. This is obviously based on the Great Darrell Griffith and the fact that my wife thinks the cardinal is creepy proves that I got the retro lookContinue Reading


Another Basketball painting for the Vandy win. This one is at least a close cousin of the football gloves poster but I guess I’m allowed to rip myself off. I’m hoping we can get some good mojo moving forward because it will start getting exponentially harder real soon. I did a couple versions of itContinue Reading

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